New Hampshire community in mourning after murder of mother and children

NORTHFIELD, N.H. (WHDH) – The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office is considering the deaths of two juveniles and an adult female who were found dead in a Northfield, New Hampshire, home as a homicide following an autopsy report.

The individuals were identified as Kassandra Sweeney, age 25, and her two sons, Benjamin Sweeney, age 4, and Mason Sweeney, age 1. According to the autopsy report, each family member was killed by a single gunshot wound.

“There’s obviously a human element here said,” said New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Geoff Ward.

According to the AG’s office, law enforcement are operating under the assumption that the homicide was not a random incident.

“We’re only within 48 hours here,” said Ward. “There’s still work being done on the case at the scene.”

Ward told 7NEWS that all parties involved have been identified.

While the police investigated the scene, blocked off Wethersfield Drive, scouring the forests with metal detectors and dogs.

A GoFundMe, organized by Sweeney’s cousin, has been created assist Sweeney’s husband, Sean, to take care of living and funeral expenses as he and Sweeney’s close relatives begin to recover from the loss.

One neighbor said she did not know the family in the house very well and that they hadn’t lived there very long.

The Attorney General, State Police Col. and Northfield Police Chief are investigating the incident.

“We have to await forensic testing that does not move as quickly as it does on television,” Ward said.